Is Every Day A Struggle?

Do you feel alone, misunderstood or like you can’t be yourself around other people? Are negative thoughts and painful emotions causing physical discomforts, such as lethargy, insomnia or an imbalanced appetite? Do you struggle to communicate in relationships and feel like what you have to offer isn’t enough? Perhaps you wake up and put on a “mask”, feeling fake, but appear to be happy or “normal” just to get by? Are you unable to concentrate at work and other tasks of the day? Maybe you’re searching for meaning in your life, and worry that it’s not possible for you to feel happy or connected to the people you love? Do you wish you could be accepted for whom you are, feel purposeful in your work and experience the support and encouragement needed to pursue what you truly want?

Depression Treatment-Houston, TX-Dr. Ruchi Kukreja

Depression is an isolating mood disorder that can cause heavy feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, which can be difficult to remedy on your own. Depression can be triggered by many things and manifest in many ways. On one end of the spectrum, depression can present as low-level, persistent unhappiness. On the other end, the doubtful thinking, upsetting emotions and lethargic discomfort can make it difficult to get out of bed and even lead to suicidal thoughts. Regardless of the cause or severity of your depression, if you have ongoing symptoms that affect your ability to feel good and function well, seeking professional therapeutic guidance and support may be critical to your wellbeing.

You Are Not Alone

Depression is very common in our culture. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 10 American adults experience symptoms of clinical depression. Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorder in the United States, and can be caused by challenging relationship dynamics, family history, an inherent biological pre-disposition or other cultural influences. Culturally, we are not encouraged or supported to say how we really feel. American society often perpetuates a specific image of the successful, high-achieving individual. This image tells us that we should be independent, productive people who achieve great success without ever showing weakness. While these autonomous qualities may allow some people to achieve professional success, they do not lend themselves to creating or sustaining healthy relationships or a positive outlook of ourselves. Although depression and isolation are very prevalent in our society, the good news is that healing is possible. Challenging thoughts, emotions and feelings can be effectively managed and even overcome with the help and support of an effective approach and an experienced and compassionate therapist.  

Depression Treatment Can Help You Be Happy

Talking to an experienced professional who accepts you for who are can be a powerful and validating experience. In a safe, supportive and empathic environment, you can openly express your emotions and assumptions. In sessions, I can help you explore how you view other people and how you think they view you. Together, we can clarify why you feel the way you do. As we also address how the brain works and how people—particularly you —think, you can increase self-awareness and begin to better understand your depression experience, which can help you heal pessimism.   

Together, we will explore your early relationships and family of origin to determine how early experiences may affect your current pattern of assumptions. Through psychodynamic interpersonal therapy, we will develop a treatment plan tailor-made to correcting your emotional experience. You can learn how to positively reconsider your expectations and contributions in your relationships. If you’re having trouble leaving the house, eating healthy or engaging in social situations, we will get to the root of what’s causing your distress and work toward alleviating unproductive or unfulfilling behaviors. In session, I can also offer external suggestions about how to change your worldview to make room for happiness and positivity.

I’ve been working with clients with depression for 14 years. I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology and continue to receive education on how to effectively treat depression. I’ve worked with people from all different walks of life in a variety of different settings, such as community mental health, outpatient hospital, college counseling, elementary and high schools and now in private practice. I’ve helped friends, family as well as patients work through clinical depression.

We all feel down and fall into in ruts occasionally, but there are times when we truly need a little help and support to navigate heavy feelings and challenging issues.  Depression treatment can provide you with the guidance, perspective and insight needed to break free of the emotional and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck in a depressive cycle. No matter where you are in life, I believe receiving objective advice is a best practice. You don’t have to take on these heavy feelings alone.  

You may know that you need help navigating the challenges of depression, but still have questions or concerns about depression treatment…

My depression is worse than most and no one seems to understand my sadness. If you’re not depressed, how can you help me?

Although I’m not clinically depressed, I do understand the nature of depression and can provide a safe, empathic environment where we can untangle the knots of your sadness. I can help you create new ways of relating to people that can empower you to make positive changes your life.

I’ve tried depression treatment before and it didn’t help me.

I will create treatment plan that feels safe and comfortable and is tailor created specifically for you. I’m here to set you up for success, and I know the most successful therapy is the result of a successful therapeutic relationship. Many times, depression is the direct result of not feeling safe in your environment or relationships, so true feelings get masked or come out as anger or sadness. Insomuch, I create a space where we can both be our true, authentic selves and do some real emotional work. I encourage openness, understanding and validation and provide a space to process and expel pent-up emotion.

I’m worried that a depression diagnosis will mean a life of medication.

I do not prescribe medication, and a depression diagnosis does not have to mean a lifetime of medication. Rather, my goal is to work with your inner strengths so that you come to a long-term, sustainable solution in overcoming your sadness without the use of drugs. In some cases, however if depression does not respond to treatment, I can make a referral to a trusted psychiatrist.  

You Deserve To Be Happy

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