Are You Struggling To Cope With A Major Life Transition?

Are you feeling overwhelmed in the midst of a significant change? Perhaps you’re trying to adjust to a divorce, move, career change, loss, retirement, empty nest or a new baby. Maybe this change took you by surprise and you feel angry, ill equipped to deal with it or even helpless. Or perhaps you’re in the middle of what is often considered a positive life change, such as a new baby or retirement, and you feel guilty or confused about your unhappiness. Is this life transition overwhelming you with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and/or feel stuck in a negative cycle? Do you wonder why you’re unable to move forward? Do you wish you only knew what to expect and could adequately prepare for your new role?

Undergoing a major life transition can be incredibly difficult. Trying to navigate a new relationship, place, job or routine can be uncomfortable and isolating. The uncertainty of a new environment and/or role can elicit spiraling anxiety. Or, perhaps you are already in a new role, and your expectations have fallen short. Maybe you don’t feel connected or passionate like you thought you would and now you believe your dissatisfaction is a rudimentary flaw within yourself. It can be extremely difficult to process the pressures and expectations of next steps in your career, your family or your relationship. The feelings of stress and uncertainly that often occur during times of change can affect sleep, eating patterns and generate draining thoughts that keep you consistently withdrawn or on edge.

The Stress of a Major Life Transition is Completely Normal

Many people struggle to navigate change. It’s normal to worry about not knowing anyone, how to behave in a new environment or the pressure of performing well in a new role. When faced with new responsibilities, many people feel like they won’t meet the expectations and worry that their contributions won’t be good enough. We all become accustomed to our situations, and transitions can throw everything out of synch. Even if you believe that your transition is for the best, change can still cause feelings of regret and debilitating distress.

The good news is that you are not alone. An experienced a compassionate therapist can help you work through difficult feelings, find effective solutions to challenges and discover the opportunities for growth and discovery.

Life Transitions Counseling Can Help You Navigate Change With Increased Grace And Ease

Talking to a neutral third party can help you put your goals, needs, fears and expectations into perspective. In safe, confidential life transitions counseling sessions, we can work together to uncover the feelings of uncertainty that are causing you distress. We can identify where feelings, such as anxiety and inadequacy, stem from and explore ways to bring more balance and stability into your life during this shifting time. We can also explore the best and worse case scenarios and outcomes of this transition. Unexpected possibilities can be generated through this conversation, which can not only help us understand what initially pulled you in your new direction and what’s causing your distress, but also bring up new, more positive ways of thinking about this shift in your life. Throughout our work together, we can also explore your past experiences and transitions to untangle how they shape your current stress and worry.

Everyone handles change differently, which is why I’ll tailor our sessions and the direction of our work to best address and support your unique situation, history, personality, needs and therapy goals. I believe in identifying and building on strengths, and I can help you think about your new circumstances in a more positive way. I can also provide you with tips and techniques that you can use to calm yourself down in stressful situations. You can also learn how to better communicate with and read other people, so that you don’t constantly feel judged or undervalued. In a supportive, empathetic environment, we will get the root of your distress and work toward effective, empowering solutions.  

Throughout my career, I have successfully helped individuals and couples flourish through major life transitions. I am a psychodynamic therapist, meaning I believe that a successful therapeutic experience is the direct result of a successful therapeutic relationship. I truly encourage you to be yourself and feel comfortable opening up. I encourage openness, understanding and validation and provide a space to process and expel pent-up anxiety.

For many years I worked in college counseling centers, and helped new students transition to the campus environment and graduating students transition into the workforce. I, myself, have enrolled in higher education at three different universities, moved several times to new cites, gotten married and have recently had a baby. I know first-hand that transitions can be extremely stressful. But, I also know that this likely isn’t the first time you’ve ventured into the unknown. Typically, life doesn’t operate the way we anticipate it will, so adapting can be difficult. But, it is possible, and there is often happiness and fulfillment on the other side of change. And, life transition counseling can help you feel confident and prepared to move forward in your new role.

Although you may need help navigating this challenging time, you still may have questions or concerns about life transitions counseling…

Everybody goes through transitions. Do I really need life transition counseling?

It can be so helpful to share your story and experience with another person. In a warm, supportive environment, I can help you explore your feelings and begin to understand them – where they come from and how to process them. Opening up and challenging yourself emotionally can be incredibly impactful and empowering. Having a space to investigate where you’ve been, are and are heading can be hugely and permanently effective. If your stress level is disabling you from completing everyday tasks or is keeping you awake at night, seeking objective advice can help you feel more confident, relaxed and empowered moving forward into your new role.

If I go to counseling, does that mean we have to talk about uncomfortable topics from my past?

Although we will focus primarily on helping you successfully adapt to your new environment, throughout our conversation, other things may come up. In order to understand why you’re so stressed about this transition, we may venture back to old relationships or experiences that have contributed to your present feelings of nervousness or inadequacy.

Even with life transition counseling I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take the next step.

With the right approach and the support of an experienced life transition counselor, you can feel more empowered and prepared to move forward. Many times, feelings of inadequacy or worry are the direct result of not feeling safe in your environment or relationships. I can provide you with a safe, authentic therapeutic experience to explore and ultimately shift your fears into productive, prepared and empowering self-reflections and actions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take The Next Step

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